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Subnet Builder

LightMesh IPAM shows you the composition of your subnets to reveal their structure at a glance. Our subnet builder tool goes further by enabling you to build structure visually, giving you the tools you need to create and maintain a sound IP plan.

Understand the impact of the changes you're making and let us do the math and ensure that every detail is right, every time.


Empower end users with customer self-service

Accelerate your services and improve information flow with self-serve subnet and IP management. LightMesh's granular permissions structure allows you to distribute information about and control over your infrastructure to the end users who rely on it. Individual end users can see the subnets and IP ranges belonging to their group and role and have IPs allocated on demand.

Your core team won't be pulled into reacting to simple requests, allowing them to focus on your corporate priorities and adding substantial value.

Easy IP allocation

Allow LightMesh to allocate the next available IP in a subnet for you with a click of a button (or a simple API call). We don't limit you to just one, though. You can just as easily produce a block of contiguous IPs starting from a given IP, or maybe a collection of non-contiguous IPs within a desired range. LightMesh gives you the power to get the job done.


DHCP and DNS integration

LightMesh makes it ultra easy to interact with any DHCP or DNS server on its own terms in just minutes. Talk to us about our 5-min Microsoft DHCP & DNS integration.

Audit history with powerful analysis

Changes happen in context. LightMesh shows you not just the basic audit history of your IPAM data, it allows you to see the entire dataset as it existed at a given point in time. See the evolution of your infrastructure based on changes to an entity, a user's actions, or within a date range. Understand why your environment changed and the impact of changes on your applications, services, and customers.


Built-in support for overlapping subnets

We've never understood why you need to use a completely isolated IPAM database to manage overlapping IP ranges in your datacenters. LightMesh handles everything in one place, giving you more power to understand and control hybrid, virtualized, containerized environments.

Powerful API for your own custom integrations

We built LightMesh as an API centric application from day 1. From our own experience working in enterprise data centers, we knew how critical it was to integrate with a complex portfolio of hardware and software. We made sure that the LightMesh API was easy to build with so that you can write powerful custom tools quickly to meet evolving needs.

Every capability of our applications and command-line tools are available through the API to your custom code. You've never experienced an API this awesome before, guaranteed.

Support for secure and air-gapped networks

LightMesh has developed powerful and simple integration techniques that enable you to easily move management information between LightMesh and your secure network environments, allowing you the control and visibility you need to manage your whole network.

Upgrade path to complete infrastructure management

LightMesh IPAM is built on the LM-Core which means that your IPAM data never needs to live in isolation again. Is managing VLANs, network zones, switches, servers, VMs, Support Groups, Customers, Applications, Systems, or any other aspect of your datacenter that's not traditionally considered to be part of the IPAM silo important to you? We know it is.

LightMesh makes it natural and easy to keep up with every part of your environment, and enables you to easily collaborate with the rest of your IT organization without the impedance mismatch that results from teams operating on siloed data.

Populate your data at the speed of Nmap

LightMesh has a growing suite of powerful command-line tools that let you perform and automate specific tasks with great ease. Our easy to install tools can be used to populate and monitor your data, making imports of even the craziest Excel spreadsheet a breeze.

Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO)

Creating accounts in LightMesh is a breeze. With tight LDAP integration our enterprise clients can create and authenticate users directly against their corporate directory