IP Planning And Visualization

Maintaining an IP Plan can be tedious and is often an afterthought. Our graphical subnet visualizations not only allow users to see the intent of your IP Plan from a 30,000ft view, but to also drill down to the individual IP addresses and end devices within each subnet with just one click.

Audit History

When you run a dynamic and agile IT environment, you need to design and architect for change. LightMesh provides a Time Machine for your data that goes beyond the audit-trails of other solutions. With LightMesh, you can review, rollback and even replay your configuration changes across your environment - a solution specifically designed for change.

Network Discovery

Often the fastest way to bootstrap your IP Address Management implementation is to scan the network. LightMesh provides both web-based and command line utilities to discover every IP device on your network, no matter how tiered or air-gapped it is.

If you prefer to import spreadsheets though, we have you covered there too.

Permissions Management

Your organization has people in various roles, each with unique data access requirements. The accounting team need to see the financial and lifecycle details of your assets, but should not have visibility into their detailed network configurations.

LightMesh provides a fine-grained role-based access control mechanism from the API up, meaning even your integrations will not risk data-leakage.

DNS & DHCP Integration

You shouldn't have to replace your core-network services to have it all. LightMesh IPAM ingrates with your existing DNS & DHCP servers to provide you with a view of all of your IP, DNS and DHCP data - regardless of where it resides.

See all of your MAC addresses, DHCP lease information and DNS host records in just one place.

Multi-Group Security Permissions

Whether you are a managed service provider, or if you treat your internal departments as customers, LightMesh has you covered. Your users can be aligned to one or more specific customers, allowing them to only manage the data associated with them.

No other solution caters so well to the multi-jurisdictional requirements of today's enterprise IT organizations.

LightMesh IPAM is a simple solution for Enterprise Environments

Simplicity that scales is what will allow you to centrally manage every connected device on your network from a single pane of glass.

With our powerful RESTful APIs, both your traditional IT and DevOps-powered teams will be automating the network end-to-end, making process-based changes to IP and DHCP configurations instantly all while you maintain complete visibility and control over your IP Address Management data from a central repository.

It is time to ditch your spreadsheets. Get LightMesh in just 5-minutes.